In a previous post entitled “What is happiness about? A State of Mind?” we defined Happiness as a “State of Mind”. We also stated that “This State of Mind” could be developed over time or caused by a certain occurrence in our day to day life.

We also stated that if we do not reach our acceptable level of Happiness, that it is up to us to “Take Action or Just Give Up” and that “There is Always a Solution” to any issue or problem.


This post is to help you find


so that you can reach an acceptable level of Happiness.


Problem Solving Process

to help you reach the desired level of



Your State of mind and your environment

First of all, in order to be serious about this process of resolving the issue or the problem which you are facing, you shall make sure that you are CALM (and not in a crisis mode), in a quiet place and that you have the time required to be able to arrive at a Great….not just a Good solution. Do not waste your time in only assigning a few minutes of your day to be able to solve a particular problem. A small problem takes less time to resolve but a major issue may take hours. Make sure that you are in a comfortable room, comfortable position to take notes and that you have paper and pen so that you can write down your plan for a solution to your problem.

You may need support

Also, you may need support to help you find a solution; your partner, a friend, a sister or brother….etc…. You might also consider having a professional consultant with you as well. It all depends on the severity of the situation. You are the best judge to decide if you need someone with you to arrive at the BEST solution. When there are emotions involved, it makes this exercise very difficult. So you shall be strong and really want to arrive at a Solution.

Step 1: Identification of the REAL PROBLEM OR ISSUE:

You shall Identify the actual situation or problem correctly. Here are a few questions to help you:

What is the main issue?

You have to be very clear in defining the issue/problem correctly. And write everything down.

Why are you in this situation?

Who or what brought about this situation in which you are in now?

How can you eliminate the causes?

Step 2: Identification of who is involved and what is their interests?

Most of the time, someone else is involved in the situation along with you. Or it could be a situation related to an outside entity individual involved. Work-related, or other. If there are other individuals involved, please write down what their interests are (or what you believe they are). You may be doing this exercise by yourself first so that you understand every detail of the issue. You can also do this exercise with the other people involved later.

Step 3: Defining your goals

Once you understand the issue/problem clearly, you have to write down what you want to achieve.

You shall have precise, realistic and achievable goals.

What is it that will bring back this happiness level which you want?

Step 4: Listing and evaluating your possible solutions/options

This step involves the listing of your options for the solution. Please take your time to think this step throughout.

You should aim at as many different options of solutions as possible.

Do your best to be as clear as possible in defining the possible solutions.

For each option, write down the positive effects and the negative consequences and also the advantages and the risks involved.

Step 5: Selecting your BEST SOLUTION/OPTION:

This is a very important step. You shall evaluate each solution/option and ensure that the one you select will bring the wanted results without adding other issues.

If there are other people involved, they have to be in agreement with you on the selected solution/option.

Also, you shall ensure that the selected solution/option is feasible and meet certain time restraints if present.

Step 6. Implementation of your BEST SOLUTION/OPTION:

For this step, if you feel it is required, you shall advise all parties involved in the solution/option which you have decided to implement.

You shall have a well-defined implementation plan. Conditions may change and you might need to make some adjustments.

You have to define how you will follow-up. Will you review the results daily, every week, every 2 weeks…etc.

What will be the criteria for your review?

You have to believe in yourself and be firm.

You shall feel very proud that you have taken the necessary step(s) to resolve an unwanted situation and that you will definitely ensure that the implementation of the BEST SOLUTION/OPTION goes according to plans.

Step 7. Follow-up and assessment results

Once you start implementing your “Solution”, you shall continue to evaluate the results and make the necessary changes to ensure that you do not “Drop the ball” and let things go wrong again.

You have to define how you will follow-up. Will you review the results daily, every week, every 2 weeks…etc.

What will be the criteria for your follow-up?

Final results

Once you have reached your goal, “You have reached your acceptable level of Happiness”, do not hesitate to celebrate your achievements.


If you have any questions or need help in understanding the above, please do not hesitate to write me a note using the comments below and I will certainly get back to you.


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